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 毎年行われるNational Geographicの写真コンテスト。今年の「National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest」も素晴らしい応募作品が多数寄せられています。

 同コンテストは「people(人)」「places(場所)」「nature(自然)」の3部門で作品を募集しており、応募受け付けは10月31日まで。グランプリ受賞者には1万ドルの賞金が贈られ、「National Geographic Photography Seminar」に招待されます。応募された作品の中から、かわいらしい動物や美しい風景などいくつかピックアップして紹介します。

  • Dreamscape:アイスランド最大の氷河湖・ヨークルスアゥルロゥンの日没を撮影

A stunning sunset painted the sky over the Jokulsarlon Glacer Lagoon in South Iceland. It was a typical cloudy day in the Icelandic summer. The day was not hoping for a nice sunset, but I still decided to go on the spot, hoping to finally see the sun once the same had left behind the clouds. When the sun went down, in fact the sky burned out in an incredible vanilla tone. The scene was so peaceful and placid, so I decided to capture it with a long exposure, to bring out the amazing sense of oniric peace that this amazing sunset created. It has been like living in a dream.
Location: Jokulsarlon Glaier Lagoon, Iceland
Photo and caption by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Arctic Hi five:スヴァールバル諸島で撮影したシロクマの子ども

Arctic Hi five
Two Polar bear cubs full of adrenaline on iceflow in Svalbard. The mother was just trying to have a quiet stroll but the cubs were not having any of that. This was the male cub and he just was so entertaining to watch.
Photo Location: Svalbard
Photo and caption by colin mackenzie, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • A tree dreaming:オーストラリアの砂漠で撮影。希少な水が得られる木に集まる鳥

A tree dreaming
In the Strezlecki desert of Australia a flock of galahs replenish on the only small water available at the base of this lonely tree. It’s a rare photo opportunity to get such a clear and symmetrical shot of these beautiful birds in flight in the middle of the desert.
Photo and caption by christian spencer, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
Photo Location: Strezlecki desert australia
  • Above Big Sur:米カリフォルニア州ビッグサーで撮影した一面のルピナス

Above Big Sur
I'd gone to Big Sur to watch the gray whale migration from the cliffs, but it was too foggy to even see the water. I decided to hike up the Baronda Trail to see if I could get above the fog. This view was my reward. Miles of lupine and blue skies. Outstanding!
Photo Location: Big Sur, California
Photo and caption by Douglas Croft, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Sunward:カマキリが羽を広げた瞬間

When the Mediterrenean Mantis opened its wings, It seemed very impressive at the sunshine ...
Photo Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Photo and caption by Hasan Baglar, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Success:魚を捕らえたツノメドリ

A puffin returns from a fishing expedition with a good catch.
Photo Location: Iceland
Photo and caption by Peter Allinson , National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Pegadung Rock:インドネシア・ランプン州のペガドゥンロック(Pegadung Rock)

Pegadung Rock
Pegadung Rock known as rock screen (Batu Layar) and Shark Teeth (Gigi Hiu) because the shape of the cluster of rocks resembling shark teeth.
Photo Location: Lampung, Indonesia
Photo and caption by Henry Adam , National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • From the Sky:カナリア諸島で撮影したウミガメ

From the Sky
On the coast of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, we have quite the selection of affectionate green turtles (Chelonia mydas). I find myself devoting much time to these curious creatures. . This turtle was coming fron the surface with the sun behind it, and the sunrays surrounding it gave it a special majestry. Tenerife( Canary Islads) Spain Canon 7D, Canon 8-15mm, Subal Housing, 2x Subtronic strobes. F22, Iso 200, 1/160
Photo location: Tenerfe (Canary islands)
Photo and caption by montse grillo , National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Stingers:米カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコの水族館「Aquarium of the Bay」で撮影したクラゲ

Beautiful jellyfish floating horizontally.
Photo Location: Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco, California
Photo and caption by Heidi Beetz , National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest
  • Searching for Love:米ノースカロライナ州ブルバードで撮影した蛍

Searching for Love
Blue Ghost Fireflies in Brevard, North Carolina. Blue Ghost fireflies are unique because they stay lit and only hover about a foot off the ground.
Photo Location: Brevard, North Carolina
Photo and caption by Spencer Black , National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest


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