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絶景尽くし! National Geographic写真コンテスト、今回もステキな作品が続々登場



 毎年行われているNational Geographicの写真コンテストが今年も開催。今回の「the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest」も、「people(人)」「places(場所)」「nature(自然)」の3部門で作品を募集しています。


  • Calbuco, The Awakening.:噴火したカルブコ山

画像 Calbuco Volcano is located in the lakes region south of Santiago, Chile's capital city and is one of the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the country. After more than 40 years of inactivity, the day April 23 the volcano erupts, spewing more than 200 million tons of ash and causing the evacuation of more than 2,000 people. In the picture is seen one of the most violent moments of the eruption, which occurred in the early hours of April 24.
LOCATION:Frutillar, Los Lagos, Chile
Photo and caption by Francisco Negroni

  • Enchantment of light and shadows:霧が出た日の出の風景を撮影

画像 After the sunset we saw that fog was forming and hoped that it would not fade away till morning so we set our alarm clock 3 hours before sunrise. Then we drove for two hours to the location and along the road we could see through the trees that the bog was fully covered in fog. We quickly set up our octocopter drone and flew over the trees, the opening view was breathtakingly beautiful - sunrays, fog, shadows, pools.
LOCATION:Järvakandi, Raplamaa, Estonia
Photo and caption by Kaiti Lillipuu

  • Aurora Over Kirkjufell:アイスランドのオーロラ

画像 The Aurora Borealis making a grand appearance over Kirkjufell Mountain.
LOCATION:Grundarfjortur, West, Iceland
Photo and caption by Jonathan Zdziarski

  • Winter Fairytale:−38℃のロシアで撮影

画像 White Mountain, Belogorsky Monastery, Perm Region, Middle Urals, Russia, -38C freezing cold
LOCATION:Ul’yanovo, Perm, Russia
Photo and caption by Vadim Balakin

  • Colorado Rockies:上空から撮影したコロラド山脈

画像 The Rocky Mountains from 95,000 feet just west of Denver, Colorado. View stretches from Colorado Springs in the south all the way to Boulder in the north. Launched on a particularly clear day in September 2014 to photograph the changing aspen leaves.
LOCATION:Genesee, Colorado, United States
Photo and caption by Patrick Cullis

  • Corumbá Jump:ブラジルにある巨大な滝を撮影

画像 This waterfall is located in the State of Goias, Brazil. Most impressive is that we can get very close to it and swim in the pool that is formed.
LOCATION:Cocalzinho de Goiás, Goias, Brazil
Photo and caption by Victor Lima

  • Here, humans are the minority...:サウスジョージア島で撮影した、ペンギンの群れ

画像 This was shot in South Georgia in december '14. It was probably the most intense moment of my whole trip to antarctica - it's just overwhelming standing in there between hundreds of thousands of penguins - it's not a bad "minority feeling", but more of a peaceful reassurance that - at least in some places - our planet is still as beautiful as it was before mankind started having a go at it. THANK YOU to all those countries and individuals involved in keeping places like these intact!
Photo and caption by Steffen Flügel

  • Practice makes perfect:独特な求愛の踊りをするコウロコフウチョウ

画像 A juvenile Victoria's Riflebird will practice the art of the mating display performed by adult males to lure in the female. When fully grown the male will turn a velvety black with a bright blue green crown.
LOCATION:Daintree, Queensland, Australia
Photo and caption by Dean Jewell

  • Watchful Mother:チーターの親子

画像 We were in the northern Maasai Mara (Kenya) and had been trying to find this cheetah and her cubs for most of two days. Finally we saw her and she came out of the brush and gave us the once over. Eventually she decided we weren't a threat (or a potential meal).
Photo and caption by Morris Thurston

  • the crowd:ブラジルで撮影した魚群

画像 This photo was taken in the most beautiful island of brazil. At 30ft underwater, I was free diving and holding a rock to keep me at the sea bottom. The school of fish came around me and almost posed for the shot ... it was an amazing experience.
LOCATION:Fernando de Noronha (Distrito Estadual), Pernambuco, Brazil
Photo and caption by Rodrigo Griesi

  • Evening streeeetch.:たまたま出会った人懐っこいリス

画像 This was one of the most curious interactive squirrels I have ever come across. We sat down to enjoy the view and have a snooze and we were interrupted by this little guy scurrying over our camera bags. He was trying to reach for a friends camera that was also taking pictures just out of my frame.
Photo and caption by Ian Duncan

 作品の募集期間は11月16日まで(アメリカ東部標準時)。グランプリ受賞者には賞金1万ドル(約120万円)が与えられ、「National Geographic Photography Seminar」に招待されます。


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  1. 鳥取砂丘から古い「ファンタグレープ」の空き缶が出土 → 情報を募った結果とても貴重なものと判明 ファンタ公式も反応
  2. 「モンストのせいで彼氏と別れました」→ 運営からの回答が“神対応”と反響 思いやりに満ちた言葉に「強く生きようと思う」と前向きに
  3. 「この抜き型、何ですか……?」 家で見つけた“謎のディズニーグッズ”にさまざまな推察、そして意外な正体が判明
  4. 人間に助けを求めてきた母犬、外を探すと…… びしょ濡れになったうまれたての子犬たちを保護
  5. 幼なじみと5年ぶりに再会したら…… 陸上選手から人間ではない何かに変わっていく姿を見てしまう漫画が切ない
  6. ブルボンの“公式擬人化”ついにラスト「ホワイトロリータ」公開 イメージ通り過ぎて満点のデザイン
  7. 「幸せな風景すぎて涙出ました」 じいちゃんの台車に乗って散歩するワンコのほのぼのとした関係に癒やされる
  8. 「遺伝ってすごい」「足長っ!」 仲村トオルの“美人娘”ミオがデビュー、両親譲りのスタイルに驚きの声
  9. 猫「飼い主、大丈夫か……?」 毎日の“お風呂の見守り”を欠かさない3匹の猫ちゃんたちがかわいい
  10. 天才科学者2人が最強最高のロボを作成するが…… 高性能過ぎて2人の秘密がバラされちゃう漫画に頬が緩む